The Nefarious Smyths 2019 Annual
Dug Wrote it
Valery Ike Bayu Aji Drew it
Edgar Tavitas Coloured it
Alf Collins Lettered it
Shelby Dixons edited it

Funny story about this issue. Way back when we started doing the Smyths I approached Valery about doing a issue. He said he would, but he might be slow. So I said thats fine you can do a later issue and we will catch up to you. That issue(the 2019 annual) was originally issue 5 I believe. Anyway the original Smyths artist bailed and we later found Dennis. As this was all going on Valery was silently in the background making this issue. And when the smoke settled he was actually done the exact same time as Dennis was with issue one. So we have been sitting on this story for a long time. If you all like it then make sure you harass Valery to do another one down the road. Much like the Smyths, his art has come a long way since this issue. As always thanks for joining us we hope you enjoy the story…