Name: Kat Ryan

A.k.a. The Feline

First Appearance: The Smyths 2019 Annual

A reporter for the Red Deer Times by day and vigilante by night, Kat originally started out as volunteer for a government program after her parents were killed during the Krakiote War. During the mid war it became clear the humans couldn’t win some of the worlds governments got desperate and began experimenting with Krakiote DNA on human children. The result was mostly a lot of sick or dead kids. Kat was released from the program as a failure. However years later her abilities kicked in. Gaining the speed, strength and enhanced healing of about twenty people. Also an odd side ability to change her hair colour by thought. Instantly turning to crime it wasn’t till years later she gave up her this criminal life and picked up the identity of the Feline. She uses her connection at the Times to help watch over her city of Red Deer.